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Transform your business with expert help from Clare Bailey 'The Retail Champion', with a few simple steps you can attract more customers, shoppers and guests to your business.

What’s on Offer?

In each series of webinars, Clare offers her expert insight to support you and your business to achieve retail success.

Clare’s plan will show you how to better market your business, tackle branding, social media and sell to your ideal customer. If you work in retail you’ll find her advice on stock control, window dressing and kerb appeal invaluable; helping you build resilience in your business.

‘Place Based’ approach is the key to success

While the focus of this work is on retail and consumer-facing sectors, we will adopt a place-based approach, ensuring the aims we have for Greater Lincolnshire are encompassed, strengthening the visitor economy in a wider sense.

Clare told us: "What 'makes' a destination is as much about the locals who visit daily as well as those visiting from further afield. Encouraging collaboration between local businesses is what enables more exciting and curated experiences to be developed, giving people a more compelling reason to choose to visit one place over another.”


Clare is the best-selling author of The Retail Champion: 10 Steps to Retail Success and a leading retail and business consultant in the UK. She is a leading authority on the sector, a regular TV news guest - on the BBC, Talk TV, Sky, Channel 4 and ITV.

This initiative is brought to you by Destination Lincolnshire along with West Lindsey, East Lindsey, and Boston Borough District Councils to deliver business support to visitor economy businesses across the county.


The 10-steps to Retail Success Series in more detail…

Part 1 | Steps 1-3: Defining a goal and mission, determining position, and identifying your customer.

Part 2 | Steps 4-5: Range planning, and price and promotion.

Part 3 | Step 6: Channel and location.

Part 4 | Step 7: Customer engagement.

Part 5 | Steps 8-10: Supply chain, planning and controlling, and back office.

E-commerce series

Selling Online - Parts 1 and 2:

Part 1 | Tools and methods of selling online

Part 2 | Operational considerations to keep customers happy when selling online

A Beginner's Guide to EPOS and E-Commerce.

A Beginner's Guide to Click and Collect.


PART 1 | Creating a marketing and promotions plan.

PART 2 | Event Planning.

PART 3 | How to build your social media whilst connecting more effectively with your audience.

PART 4 | Kerb appeal.

PART 5 | Maximising place on social media.

PART 6 | Merchandising to grow sales.

PART 7 | Why use social media.

PART 8 | How to work locally to generate new business through collaboration.

PART 9 | Google business profiles.

PART 10 | The steps to creating a marketing plan for your business